Technology mix

Practice: Working in the future
– Exponential knowledge production
– New environment promoted by digital technology
– 4th Revolution. Convergence: Digital + Physical + Biological
– Humanised robots, augmented humans and collective intelligence

Practice: Designing the human
– Innovation based on digital competencies
– Augmenting humans


Process Innovation Cells [Resources]

logo 2 i-cellThis is a list of things to be done to support “innovation project management” that goes from the rigorous analysis of opportunities to selling prototypes.. The whole process can be interpreted as a “dynamic task cartography” that has to be adapted to each particular situation.

• About Innovation Cells

• List of deliverables.

Deliverable 1. Setting the opportunity
Deliverable 2. State of Art
Deliverable 3. Market Research
Deliverable 4. Business model & plan
Deliverable 5. Prototype
Deliverable 6. Market trials
Deliverable 7. Legal & administration
Deliverable 8. Operations
Deliverable 9.   Commercial action


Ideas | Quinary Analysis

The Quinary Analysis method allows evaluating business drivers impact on the evolution of a product/service and its business model and innovation options. The deconstruction of a product-service is based on the identification and evaluation of its attributes, and their comparison with top referents that are good in a particular quinary driver.
Statement:  Product/service creative construction 
Template: Document
Lectures: 1.  Fundamental quinary drivers   2Technical & commercial quinary drivers 
Research: Quinary Business Drivers