With mindfulness, life’s in the moment.

People who meditate are happier, healthier, and more successful than those who don’t. Those amazing benefits of practicing meditation and mindfulness make you want to try it yourself.

Settle in
Find a quiet space. Using a cushion or chair, sit up straight but not stiff; allow your head and shoulders to rest comfortably; place your hands on the tops of your legs with upper arms at your side.

Now breathe
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. Feel the fall and rise of your chest and the expansion and contraction of your belly. With each breath notice the coolness as it enters and the warmth as it exits. Don’t control the breath but follow its natural flow.
Stay focused
Thoughts will try to pull your attention away from the breath. Notice them, but don’t pass judgment. Gently return your focus to your breath. Some people count their breaths as a way to stay focused.
Take 10
A daily practice will provide the most benefits. It can be 10 minutes per day, however, 20 minutes twice a day is often recommended for maximum benefit.


What comes easy won’t last

A designer, an engineer and the manager of the company stumbled upon an antique oil lamp.  They rub it and a Genie comes out.The Genie says, ‘I’ll give each of you just one wish.
”Me first, me first!’ said the designer. ‘I want to be on a caribean beach, driving a speedboat, without any care ablout the world.’Puff! He’s gone.
‘Me next, me next!’ said the engineer . ‘I want to be in the austrian mountains skying all day and having great dinners with the love of my life.’Puff! He’s gone.
‘OK, you’re up,’ the Genie said to the manager. The manager said, ‘I want those two back in the office after lunch.’

Moral of the story 
Always let your boss have the first say.

Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction. Anna Frank

It was a very lazy man who would always look for an easier way to feed himself. One day while he was searching for something to eat, he saw the fruit farm. He looked around and didn’t see anyone guarding the fruits on the tree, so he quickly decided to steal some fruits. But as soon as he walked into the farm and started to climb the tree, the farmer saw him and started coming at with a stick, he got afraid and ran towards the forest nearby and went inside it to hide. Then, while passing through, he saw a wonderful scene. There was a fox. It had only two legs and still was crawling on them happily. He thought, how can this fox stay alive in such condition? The fox can’t run, how he must be able to feed himself or stay alive from the threat of other animals.
Suddenly, he saw the lion coming towards the fox with a piece of meat already in his mouth. All the animals ran away and the lazy man climbed up on the tree to save himself but, the fox stayed there only, he didn’t have the ability to run on two legs. But what happened next surprised the lazy man. The lion left a piece of meat which was in his mouth for the fox!
The lazy man felt happy seeing God’s play. He thought that God, who is the creator of all, always has a plan set to take care of what he created. He felt that God must have something planned for him too. So, he left that place and sat somewhere away alone waiting for someone to feed him too. As time starting to pass, he kept looking at the road, waiting for his food. He waited there for 2 days without any food! Finally, he couldn’t bear the hunger and started to leave.
He met an old sage on the way. He told everything happened to the sage. The sage first gave him some food and water. After having it, the lazy man asked the sage, “oh wise one, the God had shown his mercy on the crippled fox, but why the god was so cruel to me?”
The old sage with a smile said, “True that the creator has a plan for everyone. You are obviously a part of the god’s plan. But son, you took his sign in a wrong way. He didn’t want you to be like the fox. He wanted you to be like the Lion”


Moral of the story

Don’t go for the easy choice. Make a right choice. 
God has given everyone a strength and ability to do their part. 
Always learn to see the things in a positive way and see yourself 
in a strong position to help the ones who need.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Einstein

A little dog gets lost in the jungle and suddenly he sees an enormous panther running towards him. The panther is thinking that this is an unknown animal, but it does’nt look dangerous. So the panther decides to eat the dog. When the dog is sure that the panther is going to eat him, he thinks pretty fast in a way out, at the moment he notices a heap of bones and he starts biting at them ferociously. When the panther is about to attack him, the tiny dog says: “Ah, what a delicious panther I have just eaten!” The panther hears him and stops immediately and flees in terror thinking: “Who knows what sort of panther that would´ve have been. I cannot risk being eaten too”. A monkey who was hanging from a nearby tree, heard and saw what had happened, and run in search of the panther and tells it how it had been cheated by the tiny dog: “You scary panther! Those bones you saw were already there! Besides, haven´t you seen that is just a tiny indefensive dog!”
The pather, enraged, runs like fire in search of the tiny dog with the monkey on its back. The tiny dog sees from a distance that the panther is coming again along with the monkey and soon realizes that the monkey has turned him in. Then, instead, of running scared, the dog remains seated with its back to the approaching panther and monkey, pretending he haven´t seen none of them, and once they were both with earshot, the dog exclaims: “Where the hell would that damn monkey be? It´s being like half an hour now since I asked him to bring me a new panther and he hasn´t shown up yet!”
The panther comes to a sudden halt and screaming flees again scared to hell and to relieve itself from its wrath devours the monkey.

Moral of the story 
1. Try to be as imaginative as the little dog
2. Avoid being a coward like the panther
3. and never, never be a shameful son of a bitch like the monkey