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talent storehouseEmerging new concepts and ideas may be applied to support continuous and efficient learning. Social, mobile, interactive, extended, open, massive, collaborative, and many others, are technologies which allow the development and sharing of knowledge resources on networks. +


Chronic wounds simulator. 2005-11. +
e-fren. 2007-11. +
Mental health training for primary care2006-09. +
Mobile obesity control in child and adolescents. 2007. +


In distributed learning communities, knowledge sharing does not occur spontaneously and may depend on student informal connections facilitated by a diversity of internet tools.

Promoting social network awareness: A social network monitoring system (1a)

Social Networks and Performance in Distributed Learning Communities (1b)

Configuration Management for eServices (1c)

A SaaS-based framework to support the management and deploy of web applications for exchanging information and sharing knowledge (1d)

MAIA: a methodology for applying Distributed Cognition to the management of learning systems. (1e)

Teacher’s roles in blended learning and case method environments (1f)

A telepresence learning environment for opera singing: distance lessons implementations over Internet2 (1g)

Monitoring of the interactions in a learning environment with a semantic agent. Theoretical reinforcement (1h)


Early study of an adaptative content system (1a)

Model to support synchronous and asynchronous in the learning process with an adaptive hypermedia system (1a)

Knowledge Based Information Retrieval with an Adaptive Hypermedia System (1a)

Adaptive algorithm based on clustering techniques for custom reading plans  (1a)

AHSPeR: adaptive hypermedia system oriented toward personalization of readings plans (1a)

System for recommendation of information based on a management content model using software agents (1a)


Using Web 2.0 applications as supporting tools for personal learning environments (1a)

PLEs from virtual ethnography of social web (1a)


e-Fren: e-learning system for management of evidence in nephrology (1a)

Support to the process of online tutoring through a personalized learning environment.(1a)


Soccer Quiniela as a Game Strategy Applied to Education Environments (1a)