Measure of “Collective Intelligence”

c factorIn two studies with 699 people, working in groups of two to five, researchers found converging evidence of a general “collective intelligence” factor that explains a group’s performance on a wide variety of tasks. This “c factor” is not strongly correlated with the individual intelligence of group members but is correlated with the average social sensitivity of group members, the equality in distribution of conversational turn-taking, and the proportion of females in the group. According to authors “These findings raise many additional questions. For example, could a short collective intelligence test predict a sales team’s or a top management team’s long-term effectiveness?… Could a group’s collective intelligence be increased by, for example, better electronic collaboration tools?

Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performance of Human Groups.  Anita Williams Woolley Christopher F. Chabris Alex Pentland Nada Hashmi Thomas Malone. Science, October 2010. Vol. 330 no. 6004 pp. 686-688 Link