A short introduction to creativity

Sense nomJosep Mª Monguet. UPC.  Lecture October 30th 2015. Universitas Telefonica, La Roca del Vallès

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According to an IBM survey of 2012 creativity is the most important skill quality for leadership. There is an interesting study just published this year linking Porter industry clusters and Florida creative professionals approach. In this study, authors propose 4 categories combining in a 2×2 matrix, cluster and occupation categories. With data from 2012 they analysed the salaries in US. Looking at the salary differences, depending on the position in the matrix, few words are needed.

In a short presentation of creativity it’s necessary to mention at least: how and why ideas are bornt, future, people and how creativity is facilitated. Ideas are in the future and so far are the result of human activity through a kind of process.

– Ideas arise as consequence of a need or a problem that has been identified
– The production of ideas is related with the high level of thinking.
– Ideas are enriched when sharing, but later ideas have to be implemented and then collaboration is necessary.
– There are many strategies and techniques for the production of ideas, the more known, although many times not well applied, is Brainstorming.TRIM is a completely different approach based on a matrix that confronts all aspects of a product design among them.
– Ideas will live in the future. We look at the future using projections of available data. Besides rational forecasting, there are unexpected situations that combined with predictions allows to imagine scenarios.
– Finally creativity involves people, obvious. Ideas for the future are proposed, assessed and implemented by people.