Ideas | PCBT

The Personal Creativity Benchmark Test (PCBT) is intended to help understanding and improving creativity.
Besides creativity is often confused with artistic talent, there is no a current measure of creativity, so it’s not easy to say if anyone is less or more creative.
There are different forms of creativity and all are about finding new solutions to problems, and identifying opportunities to improve the way things are done.
The difference between creative and non-creative people may be partly related with creativity perception. Creative people might see themselves as creative and feel free to create, while non-creative people simply do not think about creativity and perhaps restrict unconsciously their flow of ideas.
The central idea of this Personal Creativity Benchmark Test (PCBT) is that anyone can be creative, just by having the adequate mind-set and use the right tools. So PCBT goal is not to calculate your level of creativity but to help you to reflect about your current disposal to creativity and to discover misconceptions that could limit your creativity. +

The participation process consists of three steps:
1. Taking the Initial PCBT | Calculation Tool
2. Enrolling in a seminar about innovation.
3. Passing the Final PCBT.
To participate in the validation process contact