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[B] Creative confidence: Unleashing the creative potential within us all
Kelley, D., & Kelley, T. (2013). Crown Pub.
Two of the most prominent experts in innovation, design and creativity show us that each and every one of us is creative. This is an entertaining and inspirational text based on their IDEO experience. +

[p] Creativity and mental illness: 40-year prospective total population study
Kyaga, S., Landén, M., Boman, M., Hultman, C. M., Långström, N., & Lichtenstein, P. (2013). Journal of psychiatric research47(1).
Tracking more than 1 million anonymous patients and their relatives, from Swedish population, confirmed that certain mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, is more prevalent in the group of people with artistic or scientific professions +

[nCreative patients
MIT student beating cancer through new ways of 3D scanning a body part and using that model to study pre-surgery”… +
A strategy combining medical advice, art, music & emotional support from more than half a million people… +