Bib | Future

[B] Scenario planning: A field guide to the future
Wade, W. (2012). John Wiley & Sons.
A field guide to identify trends that could affect the environment in which we work. It shows how to create plausible scenarios based on uncertainties, and how to describe the evolution from where we are now, to where the scenarios could lead us in the future. +

[B] The future of the mind: The scientific quest to understand, enhance, and empower the mind
Kaku, M. (2015). Anchor Books.
The latest advances in neuroscience and physics reveal a path that, although in the field of research, is full of surprises: telepathy, mental control, avatars, telekinesis, recording of memories and dreams, projecting thoughts and emotions, anong others. But what is interesting is not so much where we will be, but what will be discovered along the way. +

[B] The fourth industrial revolution
Schwab, K. (2017). Crown Business.
Schwab, founder and executive chair of the World Economic Forum, forecasts a fourth industrial revolution. Technologies will impact on all disciplines, economies and industries at an unprecedented pace. +

[n] Design jobs of the future
Labarre, S. (2016)
One of the interesting things about future is that nobody knows exactly how it is going to be, but if you listen to the right people the noise looks like having some sense. This is exactly the feeling with this article from Fast Company +