Design research as innovation lever

research and innovation[s] “Design Research” a key driver for innovation 
21 October 2013, ACC1Ó & Wider.
The growing complexity of the economy, globaliszation and competition in business models makes interaction between all assets of knowledge and creativity very relevant.  For this reason  promotion of activities that can help to develop a Design Research space,  should be considered as a priority.
The models of research have been evolving during the last years, the mode 2 concept was a first step to break the rigid scientific research paradigm, but in 10 years “it has been raining so much”. How many books are published daily? How often technical knowledge doubles? What is the limit of bandwith? If is true that a personal computer may surpass the computational capabilities of the whole human race in 2050, there is no doubt that lots of research work will be needed. Part of this research will be related with the connection of business challenges and technology with design, understood as a combination of culture, thinking  and management. +