Fabricius (*) is a research project focussed on the creation of  tools to support education of innovation. The research intersects the practice of Innovation with .
Collective intelligence is present in the nature in many ways, from ants to bees and fishes, and has been a key aspect in humanity’s development, despite the fact that quite often it has been used for destruction. Learning by Doing is an excellent strategy for collective intelligence education, and Fabricius provides a set of tools whose objective is to convert into active knowledge, value created by students during the development of their projects.
One of the future challenges is how to increase collective intelligence performance to improve group behavior, particularly in order to be more efficient in managing innovation. Although there are significant amounts of research going on, so far there is very limited awareness about the importance of tuition of collective intelligence. The research in the field of collective intelligence education has to involve many approaches, from ethics to physics but one that is particularly relevant is the influence and potential of ICT tools. The focus of the research is the conception, development and experimentation of systems and models that promote collective intelligence education in the field of design and innovation. The system is intended to facilitate the management of people and ideas during the stages of a project.
(*)Fabricius is a latin name that romans gave to particularly skilled slaves.