The research in the design field began in 2006 with “Disseny_cat”, a project ordered by the Catalonian Government, whose objective was to draw an exhaustive map of the institutions involved in design in the region of Barcelona.
Following the nowadays trend of planning from local or national basis a policy to support and promote design harder within economy, the Government of Catalonia started a research to understand the real scope and potential of design infrastructure in the area. It aimed to value the structure and dynamics of local design industry and the whole work allows a diagnostic of the situation and to appreciate the real position of Barcelona as a town of reference in the international design scene.
A new methodology to interact with interviewed people has been created using a specific intranet to develop a public poll, see results and evaluate proposals in order to get a wide consensus both by actors and participants. As far as research’s aim was to catch the state of opinion about present situation, it has also been interesting the organizing of a poll, where questions were selected either by comparison with some policies adopted recently by other countries and looking at the changes arrived to design idea and practice through its adaptation to contemporary economy. +