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Learning to put useful and ordered questions about the future can help to anticipate the use of technology and the market trends. Innovation requires picturing reasonable scenarios to guess eventual market acceptance of new products and services.

Working on STS. Socio-technical scenarios
Working on strategies for sharing future scenarios… +

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Working with technology is like living between present and future. Different versions of the technology that will get the success, are available some time before its definite social acceptance and extension. Guessing when and how which particular technology will win the market, that’s the goal.      

[wp] Nurse Prescribing Consensus
Brugués, A., Jodar, G., Monguet, JMª., Trejo, A. (2016). RISAI-Revista de Innovación Sanitaria y Atención Integrada, 8(1).
The Online Consensus about  nurse prescribing is a model that allows determine the expectation that diverse health professionals have in relation to the forthcoming regulation of nurse prescribing. The tool has been applied first to a group of primary care centers in the southern metropolitan region of Barcelona and then extended to all the health professionals from Catalonia. +

future internet[cp] A Cost assignment in Internet: those who spends, who pays and who charges
Ramirez, M.; Gutierrez, A.; Monguet, JMª; Muñoz, C. (2012). CENTERIS, Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems.  Algarve. Elsevier.
There is no doubt that internet is one of the most complex and influent artefacts that human inventive has given.  Internet is a “pseudo living system” that will extend capillary  on the whole earth activity. It`s like a new planet skin that may give a new dimension to civilization.  Future internet is transcendent for the economy and for the evolution of society and people. As Lévy say, we are in a neoPalaeolithic of knowledge, which has just discovered a new silex. Future Internet Drivers is part of a research project from i2Cat , leaded by professors Miquel Ramirez (p) and JMª Monguet (pthat aims at modelling a framework for the understanding of the evolution of internet at the regional level. +
# Ramirez, M.; Gutierrez, A.; Monguet, JMª; Muñoz, C. (2012). An Internet Cost Model, Assignment of Costs Based on Actual Network Use. International Journal of Web Portals (IJWP) Vol 4. IGI Global
# Gonzalez, A.; Alcover, J; Martin, R; Pinyol, F; Gutierrez, A.; Monguet, JMª. (2011). Costing framework for service-oriented future internet architectures. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Future Internet Technologies – CFI ’11, New York. ACM Press. +

[n] 2050. Not so far.
Una iniciativa del BCD, presentada en la Design Week de Barcelona, pretende reflexionar  sobre cómo serán el consumo, el hábitat y la salud en el 2050. +