Creativity, Design and Innovation in Mexico City: An Scoreboard Approach

Creativity and design are important aspects of a well developed knowledge economy not only by the favorable impact on the wellbeing of people and business performance, but also in innovation. The design is a structured process that transforms creative ideas into products / services / systems and therefore specific links creativity with innovation. As part of the innovation process, the design has the potential to contribute substantially to improving various aspects of organizations. However, measuring creativity and design in statistical terms is still a problem because there is a lack of indicators to measure the contribution of these items not only nationally and internationally, but also in comparison with other economic sectors. There is some history of efforts to try to quantify in some countries the conditions given in the performance of creativity and design. This requires some of the indicators. See the case of the European Union and Hong Kong (Pro Inno Metrics 2009, Swann et al. 2005, Bruce et al. 2005; Moultrie et al. 2009). These indicators in turn facilitate linkages with innovation performance data on each of these cases. Examples of indicators include the following: % of foreign population in a region, number of art and design schools per million people, design services contract, number of design firms, etc. In short, the goal of this study is to qualify and quantify the performance of Mexico City on Creativity and Design and their relationship to national innovation performance. So far, no studies have been identified, which is a research opportunity to propose elements that allow us to measure creativity and design in this region. This research work is in process. Finally, the specific objectives are: -­‐ To propose a list of indicators that facilitate to understand the behavior of creativity, design and innovation in Mexico City. -­‐ To define the level of creative and design performance in Mexico City. -­‐ To compare the creative and design profile of Mexico City with other national and international economies.

Results from this research have been presented during the research day in the III ENoLL Summer School 2012. A paper of it will be soon available in the ISJ -the Interdisciplinary Studies Journal.