Living Lab Research Landscape [R&i]

This work presents the results of an analysis and categorization of a set of papers about living labs published during 2006-2011. The aim was to build a deep understanding of the domain landscape of living lab research (D3LR) proposed in the past 1st. Living Lab Summer School held in Barcelona (Pallot et al., 2010). 817 papers were reviewed in order to try measuring the size of each research area proposed in the original D3LR based on published scientific papers contained in the ISI Web of Knowledge. They had to be related with design, users and Internet. They were also classified according to four possible subjects: artifacts, concepts, models and methodologies. Results of this study can be of interesting for those looking a research topic about living labs. It also outlines where living lab research is more needed and trends in this theme.

Paper  Living Lab Research Landscape  This research was presented during a workshop in the Second Living Lab Summer School held at the CITILAB in Barcelona (2011) and in the 2n Congrés Internacional de Disseny i Innovació de Catalunya CIDIC (2012)